CERN defines and implements a Safety Policy, the CERN Safety Policy that sets out the general principles governing Safety at CERN.
Safety covers occupational health and safety, including radiation protection, the protection of environment and the safe operation of CERN's installations, including radiation safety. The CERN Safety Policy and the CERN Safety Rules cover all CERN activities and all persons participating in them or present on its site.

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Safety Officer's Mandates in the TE Department.


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CERN Safety Rules classified according to domains (electrical, mechanical, radiation protection, etc.)

First Aiders

Aleksandra ONUFRENA TE-CRG-CI 505-R-015 64697
Nicolas VAUTHIER TE-CRG-CI 36-3-008 163533
Jose Javier MINGUILLON ACHA TE-CRG-ML 36-R-007 164321
Thomas Melchior YTTERDAL TE-CRG-ML 36-R-007 167149
Gareth Geraint JONES TE-CRG-OP 36-S-006 161206
Gerard FERLIN TE-CRG-OP 36-R-014 160710
Karl BACKMAN TE-CRG-OP 36-S-008 161227
Remi MAUNY TE-CRG-OP 36-R-013 166884
Yngve VALSKAR TE-CRG-OP 36-S-008 161253